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All Gels Curing Lamp
All Gels Curing Lamp
All Gels Curing Lamp

All Gels Curing Lamp

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All Gels Curing Lamp ( AGCL) is a lasting tool designed for the professional nail technician.

The whole metal construction lamp features :

  • Selectable wavelength ( 365nm and 400nm )  with proper  timing  options to provide a perfect cure for ALL GELS  present on the market .
  • When SANITATION is more important than ever  the  easy removable  Stainless Steel  handpiece  offers  a surface that is extremely easy to sanitize  and , in the same time , positions the fingers  in an optimal position to guaranty  a 100% even cure of the product on the nail surface.  Having the  Thumbs  raised  by the handpiece  and with  dedicated “ lighting “  a uniform cure  on the  Thumb nails is achieved.
  • The metal housing   provides  an ideal heat management  for the HIGH  PERFORMANCE LEDs used in the lamp which is a key requirement on the long life of the  unit.
  • The Silicon pad on the top of the unit creates a very convenient  work platform for the nail technician and a comfortable  hand rest for the customer WITHOUT  interference with the control panel. Given the nature of the material and the smooth surface the sanitation can be done very easy.
  • Besides the 2 independent choices for  curing gels  the  “365nm” and “400nm”  the lamp features a “DRY “ function  that can be used to accelerate the drying  time  when a regular nail polish is applied on the nails .
  • A  continuous  air breeze  is provided  by  2 built in fans  creates a pleasant cooling effect on the nail surfaces. This "breeze"  is much intensified  during the “DRY” mode .

The lamp is manufactured in USA with a local customer service  ( 1 888 UVLAMP1)  to  take care of our customer’s needs and it comes with a 1 year (12 months) warranty.